Organisation of the survey

This survey is meant for all the stakeholders concerned with research in e-education (

First of all, it concerns research teams and companies already involved in research projects in e-education. It also concerns the research support teams of higher education and associations willing to contribute to these projects.

The survey deals with public and private research and concerns all levels of teaching and training in primary education, secondary education, higher education and adult education.

The targetes research teams can come from from several fields: computer based learning environments, education sciences, information sciences, sociology, psychology, language sciences, etc. They don’t have to focus exclusively on e-education, but nonetheless have to contribute to research projetcts in e-education.

The survey is meant to list stakeholders involved in e-education and their recent scientific activities: publications, research projects and partnerships. So, each organisation is encouraged to fill the survey for their research project and and to ask their partners to do so.

Each form will be checked before being integrated in the data bases. Only the research dimension of each activity will be examined.

If your organisation can’t give evidence of publications or research projects, you are asked to explain how you are engaged in it.

E-education Topics

E-education research  is at the crossroad of several fields: from computer science to social sciences.

To best cover the field of e-education, five major topics have been chosen:

  • Learning
  • Teaching
  • Cognitive engineering and modelling
  • Politics – management – economy
  • Technologies and resources

Each topic corresponds to a set of sub-topics: